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1080p Animated Animated Series Comedy Hindi Dubbbed Hindi Dubbed Netflix Netflix Series Our POST QUALITY


Series info- 

Name :- Fukrey Boyzzz Season 1

Genre :- Animation/Adventure/Comedy

Release Year :- 2019

Duration :- 14 Minutes (Each Episode)

Quality :- 1080pX264 [NF-DL]

Size :- 150-350Mb [Each Episode]

Language :- Hindi [Original NF-Audio]

Encoder :-

Synopsis :- Choocha, Hunny and Laali pursue their outlandish and sometimes dangerous dreams while the scheming Bholi Punjaban constantly tries to sabotage their plans.

««Fukrey Boyzzz Season 01 All Hindi Episodes List»»

Episode 1: Shiny Disco Shoe 

1080p-Hevc 120Mb – [GDrive(Login)]  [GDrive(Sharer)]  [DoodStream]  [StreamSB]  

Episode 2: Chu Chu Control

1080p-Hevc 309Mb – [GDrive(Login)]  [GDrive(Sharer)]  [DoodStream]  [StreamSB]  

Episode 3: Choocha Bana Principal

1080p-Hevc 126Mb – [GDrive(Login)]  [GDrive(Sharer)]  [DoodStream]  [StreamSB]  

Episode 4: School Bana Cool

1080p-Hevc 134Mb[GDrive(Login)]  [GDrive(Sharer)]  [DoodStream]  [StreamSB]  

Episode 5: Happy Birthday Choocha

1080p-Hevc 123Mb[GDrive(Login)]  [GDrive(Sharer)]  [DoodStream]  [StreamSB]  

Episode 6: Library Mein Bhoot

1080p-Hevc 117Mb[GDrive(Login)]  [GDrive(Sharer)]  [DoodStream]  [StreamSB]  

Episode 7: Goodluck Badluck

1080p-Hevc 120Mb[GDrive(Login)]  [GDrive(Sharer)]  [DoodStream]  [StreamSB]  

Episode 8: Adarsh Balak

1080p-Hevc 126Mb[GDrive(Login)]  [GDrive(Sharer)]  [DoodStream]  [StreamSB]  

Episode 9: Sewa Ka Mewa

1080p-Hevc 117Mb – [GDrive(Login)]  [GDrive(Sharer)]  [DoodStream]  [StreamSB]  

Episode 10: Khazana

1080p-Hevc 124Mb[GDrive(Login)]  [GDrive(Sharer)]  [DoodStream]  [StreamSB]

Episode 11: Lakhon Mein Do

1080p-Hevc 126Mb – [GDrive(Login)]  [GDrive(Sharer)]  [DoodStream]  [StreamSB]

Episode 12: Jasoos 000

1080p-Hevc 112Mb – [GDrive(Login)]  [GDrive(Sharer)]  [DoodStream]  [StreamSB]

Episode 13: Chooture Baba

1080p-Hevc 126Mb – [GDrive(Login)]  [GDrive(Sharer)]  [DoodStream]  [StreamSB]

Episode 14: Billu Canteen

1080p-Hevc 350Mb[GDrive(Login)]  [GDrive(Sharer)]  [DoodStream]  [StreamSB]

Episode 15: Fukrey Christmas

Not Available in Netflix 😩

Episode 16: Silence

1080p-Hevc 120Mb – [GDrive(Login)]  [GDrive(Sharer)]  [DoodStream]  [StreamSB]

Episode 17: Balak Of The Year

1080p-Hevc 110Mb – [GDrive(Login)]  [GDrive(Sharer)]  [DoodStream]  [StreamSB]

Episode 18: Chooche Ka Chooza

1080p-Hevc 108Mb – [GDrive(Login)]  [GDrive(Sharer)]  [DoodStream]  [StreamSB]

Episode 19: Choo-Bot

1080p-Hevc 118Mb – [GDrive(Login)]  [GDrive(Sharer)]  [DoodStream]  [StreamSB]

Episode 20: Last Wish

1080p-Hevc 118Mb – [GDrive(Login)]  [GDrive(Sharer)]  [DoodStream]  [StreamSB]

Episode 31 – GDTOT | StreamSB

Episode 32 – GDTOT | StreamSB

Episode 33 – GDTOT | StreamSB

Episode 34 – GDTOT | StreamSB

Episode 35 – GDTOT | StreamSB

Episode 36 – GDTOT | StreamSB

Episode 37 – GDTOT | StreamSB

Episode 38 – GDTOT | StreamSB

Episode 39 – GDTOT | StreamSB

Episode 40 – GDTOT | StreamSB

More Episodes would be added soon

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How To Download?

How To Download?

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